CCTV and IP Video

IP Video Surveillance!  Analogue CCTV!  What’s the difference?

Digilec install and maintain both analogue and IP camera systems all over the UK.

Digilec Specialise in IP CCTV systems. IP stands for internet protocol, this means that each camera has its own IP address on a Local Area Network, making it the perfect solution for businesses with existing network infrastructure.

For domestic dwellings or small shops without a large Network Infrastructure already in place, IP cameras can easily be installed indoors or outdoors with a cat5e/cat6 cable installed from a network switch or network video recorder with POE (power over Ethernet).

What are the advantages of IP CCTV?

The advantages of an IP CCTV system installed by Digilec over traditional Analogue CCTV setups are,

-Higher Resolution With More Pixels Giving Sharp Detailed Images

-Ethernet connections with POE eliminating the need for  additional  power supply units and additional cabling, reducing installation time and labour.

-Smart Features and analytics including line crossing, intrusion detection, people counting, heat maps, ANPR, and face detection.

Our team can design systems for anything from small offices, shops and domestic homes with the option to remote view from a smart phone, tablet or PC, to large corporate organizations with multiple sites and central monitoring stations.